No Sew Burlap Bedskirt Tutorial

I recently moved into a new apartment and of course, I had to re-vamp my room! I was dying to have a burlap bedskirt, since it would go perfectly with the design of my room. I came across this one from Ballard Designs, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted...and for a Queen sized bed, it was a whopping $69! I started brain storming and realized that Hobby Lobby sells burlap for only $3.99/yard! I made my bedskirt all for under $20! Also, if you are a coupon queen like me, Hobby Lobby has weekly coupons for 40% off 1 item in the store. You can get the app on your smartphone and just pull it up while you are shopping if you don't get their e-mails.

BEFORE                                                        AFTER


• Scissors
Burlap (I used the NATURAL color)
Upholstery pins (25% off right now!)


Get your fabric cut!
TWIN: 5.5 yards
FULL: 5.75 yards
QUEEN: 6.25 yards
KING: 6.75 yards
CALI KING: 6.75 Yards

I came up with this by doing simple math - take the dimensions of the two long sides of your bed plus one short side. Divide by 12 inches to get feet and divide by 3 to get your yardage. for example, my queen bed is 60" x 80", so 80+80+60=220, 220/12=18.3, 18.3/3=6.1. ALWAYS ROUND UP TO THE NEXT QUARTER YARD!


Cut your fabric right down the middle of the burlap, long ways. This is how I was able to bunch up my fabric - it gives you twice as much burlap!


Take your mattress off your bed and just stand it against the wall so that it is out of the way!4. Start pinning the burlap to your box spring. You can bunch it up however you want. Here are a couple of up close pictures so that you can see how I did mine! Leave enough hanging so that the burlap is comfortably touching the floor.



The corners. Don't be scared - they're not that hard to conquer! Here are pictures of how I did mine:


When you make it all the way around your bed, cut the left over fabric and now you have scraps of burlap for whatever you may use it for :)

Happy crafting, y'all!